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Love In Japanese – Hiragana For Ai

The word for love in Japanese is AI. You can see how to spell it vertically in Hiragana by my illustration above. Look at the Hiragana chart for more information about the symbols.

First you write the Hiragana character for A. Then you follow up with the syllable for I.

In my mother tongue (the Finnish language) the word “ai” also has a meaning of ouch, as if something hurts you. Maybe that is a hidden language linkage hint for that love hurts?

This image is taken by me on the top floor at Fukuoka Tower in Fukuoka city in Japan. For those who don’t know it yet – the city of Fukuoka has another old name Hakata.

Sometimes it’s spelled Fukuoka while other times it’s called Hakata. It’s the same city.

High up in the Fukuoka Tower sightseeing view floor there is a somewhat famous cozy romantic corner called the Lover’s Sanctuary. You see a part of it in my photo above.

There visiting couples who are crazy in love with each other can put their hands on that big glowing heart and make a happy love filled wish. A wish that is said to come true.

Luck and love are important factors here in Japan. As the commercial country that Japan is, there is a growing business opportunity to be found everywhere. Love is no exception.

You as a visitor have an unique chance to buy a little cute heart shaped lock where you and your loved one can write your names together. See it as a memory of happiness.

Afterwards you seal that real lock together to secure the success in your love life.

Maybe you noticed those tiny locks hanging on the thin white fence next to the window? Those are love locks that past visitors have hung and locked there. Sealed signs of love.

As you follow along the glass walls you find more hearts. Where would you like to swing your heart lock when you visit Fukuoka in West Japan? Love is literally hanging in the air.

It’s not a high mile club, but it’s a high height love club of the lover’s sanctuary in Japan.

Learn Japanese and visit Japan. You’ll experience fun things! Maybe you fall in love too.

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Well, that was an interesting fact, but how about the stroke order in Hiragana to be able to write love in Japanese? In which order do you draw the lines? I will show you in detail.

Line Order To Write Love In Japanese

Here is the line order to write love in Japanese Hiragana. First out is the A-character.

How To Draw A In Japanese, Stroke Orders, Stroke Order For A, Hiragana A

Followed up by the I character in Hiragana. These are the two simple line stroke orders.

Character I In Japanese

That’s it. Now you know exactly how to read and write love in Japanese using Hiragana.

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