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Japanese women are nowadays modern career women with well paid jobs and high up positions in the Japanese job market. Love in Japan is a big business for the host clubs.

No, I’m not talking about the typical Asian love tourism where men from Western world countries fly across the globe to countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam or the hot Philippines to meet young Asian women working in night clubs or bars in shady districts.

Sure – similar establishments exist here in Japan too…but Japanese women hunt men!

Japanese Women And Girls Hostess Bars And Host Clubs With Japanese Fashion Men In Male Tokyo Japan

Time is of essence in Japan. Japanese girls and young women work so much that they don’t have as much time to date or meet men as what is seen as normal in rest of world.

Japan has the lowest birth rate of all countries on this planet. Women in Japan work long hours and pay attention to their job careers than spending time on dating or finding love.

The host club business in Japan is booming and popular. Women buy male attention. Opposite too. People don’t have time for each other, so lonely souls pay to get attention.

Looking For Love In Japan Dating Women And Men Secret Passion Lover

Where do you encounter this type of money bought short time love in Japanese society? It is everywhere around you! From the large 35 million people metropolis city of Tokyo to the far out countryside districts of Fukuoka in all the way in West side Japan on Kyushu.

Japanese host club commercial literally roll in front of your eyes, as in my photo below.

Trucks drive around with big TV screens showing how fun Japanese women can have if they pay male hosts in night clubs for their full attention. Job task? Entertain the women!

The most basic human need to feel appreciated and wanted by someone. To be popular.

Japanese Commercial On Trucks In City Promoting Japanese Host Bars And Hostess Clubs In Tokyo City At Night In Japan

Since so many of my blog readers have been asking me to write about this phenomena, then I decided to make this dedicated blog post with a photo report about host districts.

Equipped with my digital camera I will guide you to these types of districts here in Japan.

One note though. If you’re a foreigner visiting Japan – avoid taking photos in those areas unless you can speak Japanese and explain yourself…in case the guards become upset.

Tokyo At Night In Japan Beautiful Young Japanese Women Dating And Looking For Love

Japanese people are usually nice, kind and polite. Enter the Japanese red light districts (as a foreigner) and you’re still safe to walk around…as long as you don’t pick up a damn camera and begin taking photos of their business activities on Yakuza controlled streets.

They are the tattooed Japanese mobsters owning and running most of the club business. With that fact in mind I’ve kept the amount of photos at a minimum to not upset anyone.

Fun At Night In Tokyo Find Love In Japan Club District Shinjuku Kabukicho Japanese Women And Girls

Short time love is for sale. Not just love, but all forms of related activities. Glowing pink neon heart signs lit up the night. There is a 18 year age limit to enter the grown up clubs.

Japanese Love And Dating In Tokyo Japan

It looks like a man’s world, but women are not only Japanese hostesses at night clubs. Women are also visiting customers paying for male attention. This is the meat market.

We are walking deeper into the jungles of dark back streets illuminated by Kanji signs describing what to expect if you enter the entertainment complexes…looking for love.

Here below is he Japanese Angel Kiss. Or talent in pub as it says on their manga sign.

Japanese Angel Kiss Talent In Pub Shinjuku Tokyo Kabukicho Red Light District

To the left of the Angel Kiss you can see face images of the most popular male hosts that women in Japan pay to spend time with. Women wish to feel wanted – so they pay for it.

It’s a fact all over the world that a woman wants someone to listen to her, to her feelings, thoughts, problems, gossip and who knows what? Stuff that men sometimes (read often) have a hard time paying attention to or focusing on. These men listen…and women pay.

Japanese Love And Dating In Tokyo Japan

At the same time these Japanese host club men entertain the paying visiting woman – to give her the best time ever experienced in her life. Male hosts are famous like rock stars.

It’s their job to make the women laugh, feel happy, forget the troubles in life or any career stress. To let loose and feel alive for a while. It’s is big in Japan. Satisfy women’s needs.

Host Club Japan Shinjuku District Kabukicho

On the left side in my photo above is Club Glitter. A super star host club in Shinjuku, which is a huge entertainment and night club district with many host clubs in Tokyo city.

Continuing deeper inside the Kabukicho area in Shinjuku you find more male host clubs targeting rich Japanese female audience as customers. Club Pearl below is such one.

Japanese Club Pearl Host Club In Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

Notice how the entrance is wide open so that women can easily walk in without having to stop. It’s kept discrete. As with everything else in Japan – there is of course a top list!

Japanese love top lists. You got to know your goods. Everything has to be sorted and ordered in Japan…to see what is number one – or in this case WHO is number one?

Which of the long hair rock star looking male hosts is the most popular among women? Japanese man with the best looks, most interesting way of keeping a female customer’s attention and make her happy by giving her good mood. Make her feel alive…one night.

Japanese Male Hosts Top List In Tokyo City

In the name of equality the Japanese women buy men and attention instead of deserving it by their own personality or dedicated time to someone. Comfortable and easy to buy it.

Now it’s not only Asian women getting bought by Western men. It’s also Japanese men selling their time and energy to Japanese women. Also to foreign women visiting Japan.

Of course not all women in Japan buy male host services, but some females do it a lot.

Japanese Host Clubs Where Women Buy Men And Male Attention Time In Shinjuku Tokyo Japan

At least there are enough many women as paying customers to open up male host clubs like these all over Japan. You see same phenomena here in Fukuoka on Kyushu island.

The opposite too. Where males buy talking time with females listening to them and party together. It’s a world where those with money buy the time of those who don’t have cash.

When there is more money than time then host business kicks in. At least here in Japan.

A sad side of the story, at least what I’ve experienced by living in Japan and talking with people here, is that some women working in hostess bars are those who failed in the Japanese education system. Young people who couldn’t continue to study at University.

The ones who by different reasons didn’t manage to learn Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana skills among other school subjects to be able to continue with a higher level education.

If you want to work in Japan – it’s a good idea to start to learn how to speak Japanese.

Hostess clubs pay twice as much as ordinary jobs. It’s a well known money trap. Once people get used to earn fast money, it becomes difficult to go back to an ordinary job.

If you’d like to watch a short documentary on Japanese host clubs, click the video below.

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