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Hiragana KO – Draw Hiragana For KO In 2 Steps

In Japanese language it’s common that female names end with the KO character.

Unfortunately my Scandinavian name of Marko also ends with KO, making it sound like a similar name in Japanese.

There’s a female name Maruko in Japan – which my name Marko is translated into when using Japanese characters.

In Finland and Sweden my name is male, while here in Japan my name is seen as female.

Step 1: First Upper Horizontal Leaning Line

This Hiragana character begins with a somewhat horizontal line, even though it’s leaning down a bit. Notice the little twitch hook at the end of line.

Step 2: Second Lower Line With A Starting Twist

The second step is to draw another line below the first one, but starting it out in a bending fashion to later on flatten out the line stroke into a more horizontal manner.

Done! That’s The Way To Write KO In Japanese

Now you have finished drawing KO in Japanese according to the Hiragana syllabary rules.

To easily remember this character, I thought of martial arts where KO means Knock-Out.

By imagining two battling champs illustrated as lines, then normally they would stand up next to each other. Though in this case they both lay down horizontally, meaning double knockout.

I took the waterside Japanese coast picture for this Hiragana character background image when I visited the island called Miya Jima outside of Hiroshima here in Japan.

That holy gate, called Torii, is located out in the water filled Sea. When the tidal water reaches its lower level then it’s possible to walk all the way to the large Japanese gate.

The gate is located close to a Japanese Shinto Shrine. You can meet several tame wild deers from the nearby steep mountain hills on the town streets.

One wild deer followed me all the way inside a souvenir shop. Deers are seen as holy animals in Japan.

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